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Serving others is a noble profession that requires specialized skills and personal conviction. Our Lady of the Lake University’s Master of Arts in Counseling – Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling specialization provides you coursework and experiential learning experience that addresses the scope of practice of clinical rehabilitation counselors, disability rights, independent living philosophy, and legislative acts to protect individuals with disabilities. The program is designed to teach students to assist persons with physical, psychosocial, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities to achieve their personal goals, career choice, and independent living goals in the most integrated setting possible through applying the counseling process. You will acquire specific techniques and modalities to advocate for individuals with chronic illness and disability, veterans and their families, and individuals recovering from substance use disorder. Upon graduation, you will be ready to qualify for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination (CRCE) and the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) examination.

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Close-to-Home Practicum and Internships

Wellness, Strength-Based Model

Coursework to Help Individuals with Unique Needs

The required coursework in OLLU’s Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling specialization prepares you for a certification in rehabilitation counseling. You’ll be trained at the graduate level to serve individuals with disabilities, giving you unique, in-depth understanding of assistive technologies, employment law, and more. Our hands-on experiences will help you learn how to support clients in various ways, such as helping them to acclimate in the workplace and helping their employers make their workplaces more receptive to individuals with disabilities. Upon graduation, you’ll be fully prepared with hours completed through hands-on internship experiences to sit for the CRE examination and then apply for CRC certification.*

Highlighted Courses:

Medical & Social Aspects of Disability

Examine medical aspects of major disabilities and their effects upon social, vocational, personal, and economic adjustment including the impact of biological and neurological mechanisms on disability, the impact of discrimination and cultural factors relevant to those with disabilities. Dig into environmental, attitudinal, and individual barriers, along with assistive technology to reduce and eliminate barriers.

Rehabilitation Service Delivery and Case Management

Address the delivery of rehabilitation services across settings such as state/federal vocational rehabilitation, psychiatric rehabilitation, transition from school to work, private for-profit rehabilitation, forensic rehabilitation, substance abuse rehabilitation, and veterans’ rehabilitation. You’ll also learn the roles and functions of rehabilitation counselors in each of the different settings.

Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling

Explore legislative, historical, and philosophical roots of rehabilitation counseling including professional organizations, preparation standards, credentials, roles, and rehabilitation counselors settings. Learn etiology and terminology relevant to rehabilitation, screening, and assessment instruments for individuals with disabilities, the relationship between clinical rehab counseling and medical professionals including interdisciplinary treatment teams.

Addictions in Counseling

Understand physiological, emotional, social, and physical factors related to addictions, while exploring counseling treatment strategies and biopsychosocial interventions applicable to the issues related to addictions such as gambling, sex, eating, alcohol, or drugs.

Provide Holistic Care as a Professional Counselor

The supervised, hands-on experiences you’ll receive in OLLU’s Master of Arts in Counseling – Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program will help you advance in your career by enabling you to move toward becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). You’ll be prepared for rewarding roles that exist within private and public agencies, hospitals, non-profit organizations, inpatient facilities, acute inpatient hospitals, long-term treatment facilities, private practice settings. Careers in rehabilitation are growing at a faster-than-average rate.1 The top 10 percent of rehabilitation counselors earn more than $66,180.1

Top 5 Careers for Clinical Rehabilitation Counselors

  1. Case manager
  2. Job coach
  3. Rehabilitation counselor
  4. Rehabilitation specialist
  5. Vocational case manager

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Sources and Disclaimer

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*Applicants seeking licensure or certification as counselors are encouraged to review all applicable eligibility requirements related to the respective credential they are seeking per their state of residence. In Texas, that would be the Texas occupations code HB 1508.